At the Benedetti Foundation, we know that music can provide solace, uplift and joy for people of all ages, but sometimes that’s not enough.

We are deeply committed to investing in the wellbeing of those around us and are honoured to be collaborating with Green Cross Training this Winter. We will be working together to spread the gift of wellbeing through a series of one-hour webinars to offer help to those needing mental health support and to promote healthier work and home environments.


The Benedetti Foundation is also proud to partner with Intermission – a programme established by violinists Elena Urioste and Melissa White dedicated to music, movement and mindfulness.

Throughout early December, the Benedetti Foundation will be delivering a series of wellbeing session for adults and young people involved in music with Nicola Benedetti, Rachel Cooper, Lee Holland and Elena Urioste to complement the training Green Cross Training provides.

Winter Wellbeing Webinars with Green Cross Training

GCT delivers over 60 different courses from across the safety, compliance and wellbeing sector and has been delivering mental health support and training for a number of years to thousands of people across the UK. GCT has now joined forces with the Benedetti Foundation and together they are inviting individuals, groups and organisations to support one another and sponsor seats to help those in need on a Winter Wellbeing webinar at the cost of £10 per person.


Dr Christian Jessen, known as the TV Doctor, will host two ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions on mental health and Dr Raj Persaud will offer two sessions based around his new book, "The Mental Vaccine for COVID-19: Coping with Corona Craziness". In addition, Elena Urioste will be delivering two sessions on breathing, mindfulness and physical and mental wellbeing. Their expertise will be made available to those who take part in the Winter Wellbeing webinars.

Read more about the Winter Wellbeing Webinars with Green Cross Training

To gift or register for a place visit Green Cross Training

The Healthy Musician


The Benedetti Foundation is delighted to announce four 45-minute wellbeing sessions throughout early December.

These will focus on the healthy musician – a guide to wellbeing for adults and young people and music, movement and mindfulness.

The delivery of the sessions is shared between Nicola Benedetti, Rachel Cooper, Lee Cooper and Elena Urioste.

These sessions are free to attend, with a recommended donation of £5-10 per family. However, please donate what you can, if you can – no one will be prevented from attending due to financial circumstances.

Further Links and Resources

There are many resources available to support your physical and mental wellbeing. Here are just a few from us to get started: