The Benedetti Foundation unites those who believe music is integral to a great education. We do this through uncovering and sharing its best practices whilst demonstrating a re-energised vision for the future. 

We put on transformative orchestral and musicianship-based workshops for young people, students, teachers, and adults that showcase what Music Education at its best can look and feel like.

We unite, inspire and educate through the creation and delivery of inspirational, energetic, and innovative workshops and video content.

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We Aim To:

  • inspire and grow music participation on all levels, at all ages and stages 

  • deliver and model high quality music education available to all

  • be accessible online on a global scale 

  • bring the performing and educating worlds together into greater dialogue

  • be a universal voice of advocacy for the music education world

  • break down barriers to access through an innovative and cutting-edge digital platform


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All the activity of the Benedetti Foundation is built upon these core values:

  • learn to love and enjoy music better and in greater depth

  • strive to improve, to focus and to have humility

  • search for the emotion in music, to engage in a meditation on empathy

  • remember physicality is technique, technique is music and music is physicality

  • always be curious –  try to learn and absorb as much as you can   

  • remember to ask questions and to question everything

  • never be afraid to make mistakes and take risks – mistakes are OK as long as you are giving your best and doing as well as you can  

  • always be kind