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These challenges will encourage you to explore and improve your: 


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Challenge 1: Lowering Your Centre of Gravity

Challenge 2: Focus in Practice

Challenge 3: Finding Calm Before You Play

Challenge 4: Positive and Present Playing

Challenge 6: Training the Brain and the Ear to be Kind

Challenge 5: Buoyant Elbows

Challenge 13: Finding Positivity in Movement (string players)

Challenge 14: Points of Connection

Challenge 7: Bow Hold Routine for Upper Strings

Challenge 8: Memory

Challenge 9: The Three Cs of Intonation

Challenge 10: Big Bold Pizzicato for Lower Strings

Challenge 15: Confidence

Challenge 16: Multi-tasking (Preparing Vibrato)

Challenge 17: Practicing Without Your Instrument & Without Your Music - 5 Step Challenge

Challenge 18: Left Hand Rotation & Extensions (Cellists / String Players)

Challenge 19: Balance and Connectivity

Challenge 20: Breath

Challenge 21: Creating a Richer Sound (string players)

Challenge 22: Finding New Pieces

Challenge 23: Connecting with Your Performance Space

Challenge 24: Getting Creative with Scales

Challenge 25: Flexible Mind, Flexible Body

Challenge 26: Experimenting with Dynamic Range

Challenge 27: Spending Time Thinking About Music

Challenge 28: Multi-tasking Challenge

Challenge 29: Practicing Gratitude

Challenge 30: Improvisation Challenge

Challenge 31: Preventing Bow Shake

Challenge 32: Playing By Ear