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The Benedetti Foundation is a Scottish company limited by guarantee, with charitable status. Company number: 636675. Charity number: SC049688


The Benedetti Foundation is an independent charity which receives no government funding. All our activity is funded through the generous donations of individuals, corporate sponsorship and trusts and foundations.

We provide life changing experiences around mass musical events transforming the meaning of music making for all participants. In the words of one parent:

“My child has has a huge musical growth spurt due to the workshop experience, both before and after. Her confidence has skyrocketed and she is more inspired and motivated than ever.”

– Parent of London Intermediate participant

We strive to ensure all our activity is fully accessible and that all children and teachers are able to attend our events regardless of background or circumstance. We are proud our reach for January 2020’s sessions was from Shetland to Guernsey.


No participant currently pays more than £10 toattend any Benedetti Sessions event and all our online resources are free to access.

From the young musicians to teachers and parents, the impact felt both musically and holistically is captured in this parent’s thoughts,

“The sessions of course focus on the experience of the child but trust me it has had an

enormous emotional impact on me as a parent - making time to engage with the preparation

materials with her and supporting her through it in a structured way with an inspiring

privileged goal of the Benedetti Session to aim for was positive and life-affirming (rather than the usual practice for grade exams with pain, tears and frustration). Youth culture is

currently digital devices, virtual reality, games and any child learning an instrument is

increasingly 'different' (at least in the state education sector) so this extra effort to

'holistically' support children learning a string instrument, bringing them together in this

inspiring and fun way is vital food for the soul of our future humanity and the future of


– Parent

If you would like to make a donation to the Foundation to support future Benedetti Sessions and enable thousands more children and teachers to experience the transformational effect of our workshops, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Your donation will enable:

  • children and teachers to continue to attend Benedetti Sessions

  • the development of our online video series, ‘With Nicky’ bringing Nicky and our team of tutors’ teaching tips into the home of every child and teacher (this series so far has over 2 million views worldwide)

  • the development of a wider programme of activity in the coming years

A donation of:

  • £15 pays for the place of a child on our General Musicianship sessions

  • £50 pays for the place of a child on our Beginner String Orchestra day

  • £100 pays for a weekend workshop for an Intermediate or Advanced string player








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