We will provide online mass tutorials, not free online lessons. They are two very different things. Our Sessions are an additional online resource, not a substitute for your existing music education. 


Those of you able to study with teachers, please do not cancel these lessons. We intend to be in touch with your current teachers, and to work with them to create the best experience for you. 


We will always strongly discourage anyone from giving up regular & consistent one to one or group lessons. Join Nicky on Facebook on Tuesday 5th May 5pm (UK) to discuss and ask any questions you like. 


Please respect your teachers & continue to study with them. 

There is something for everyone whether you’re studying at conservatoire, a teacher, a young string player, a beginner drummer or just fancy joining in banging some pots and pans. Please click to find out which workshop to join. Our grade levels are just a guide for Advanced and Intermediate – we would recommend having a look at these extracts from the scores of the pieces and if you feel you can join in with them, that’s the workshop to go for.

Approx Grade 6+ String Players (all ages)
Advanced String Orchestra
Approx Grade 3-5 String Players (all ages)
Intermediate String Orchestra
all ages and stages
General Musicianship
Conservatoire / University Music Student  
Adult Learner / Amateur Musician
Instrumental Teacher