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These challenges will encourage you to explore and improve your: 


The practice sessions and live tutorials will further explore these challenges with you. 


Let us know how you get on. You can share your challenges with us on social media using #benedettisessions. For registered participants, please see the information on your welcome letter about sharing your challenges. If you're not yet registered, please click here to sign up. 



Challenge 1: Lowering Your Centre of Gravity

Challenge 2: Focus in Practice

Challenge 3: Finding Calm Before You Play

Challenge 4: Positive and Present Playing

Challenge 6: Training the Brain and the Ear to be Kind

Challenge 5: Buoyant Elbows

Challenge 13: Finding Positivity in Movement (string players)

Challenge 14: Points of Connection

Challenge 7: Bow Hold Routine for Upper Strings

Challenge 8: Memory

Challenge 9: The Three Cs of Intonation

Challenge 10: Big Bold Pizzicato for Lower Strings

Challenge 15: Confidence

Challenge 16: Multi-tasking (Preparing Vibrato)

Challenge 17: Practicing Without Your Instrument & Without Your Music - 5 Step Challenge

Challenge 18: Left Hand Rotation & Extensions (Cellists / String Players)

Challenge 19: Balance and Connectivity

Challenge 20: Breath

Challenge 21: Creating a Richer Sound (string players)

Challenge 22: Finding New Pieces

Challenge 23: Connecting with Your Performance Space

Challenge 24: Getting Creative with Scales

Challenge 25: Flexible Mind, Flexible Body

Challenge 26: Experimenting with Dynamic Range

Challenge 27: Spending Time Thinking About Music

Challenge 28: Multi-tasking Challenge

Challenge 29: Practicing Gratitude

Challenge 30: Improvisation Challenge

Challenge 31: Preventing Bow Shake

Challenge 32: Playing By Ear