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Teachers – Instrumental / Classroom

Welcome to this area dedicated to sessions for instrumental and classroom teachers.
There are four training strands for teachers.
The Mini Sessions are large group sessions, focused on a specific topic.
The ‘Chat with Us’ Sessions are one-off sessions which provide the opportunity for teachers to discuss a topic with one of our tutors in a group of 20 teachers maximum. Anything you’re finding challenging, questions you’re looking for answers to or anything particular you need help on, these are the sessions for you.
The Teaching Sessions: Energise, Innovate, Inspire are a new professional development opportunity for both instrumental and classroom teachers (including those training to be teachers). Taking place over three weeks, and working in a small group of 15-20 teachers, these sessions are designed to focus on building and developing a specific area of your teaching. At the end of the training sessions, teachers may opt to have a 20-30 minute observed session (online) and to receive feedback on your teaching. Teachers will be awarded a certificate to celebrate the training undertaken.
The sessions are listed in chronological order and all take place on Zoom. Registration closes the day before the start of each session. Occasionally, late registration will be accepted – please contact if the session you wish to sign up for is closed.