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We are excited to share with you the first Mini Virtual Sessions for students, teachers and adult learners.

Please read each workshop description carefully to find the most suitable programmes for you. Then click the link to sign up. Once you have signed up, the confirmation page on your form will ask you to come back to www.benedettifoundation.org/payments to send the admin fee and complete the sign up.  You may sign-up to more than one workshop.

Workshops are listed in chronological order. Please be aware all workshops have different closing dates.

Note to Instrumental Teachers: If you have students who wish to sign up to these workshops, we have advised all young people to contact their teachers first, where possible, to discuss which workshops are most suitable for them. We are always overwhelmed by the incredible support we receive from the Instrumental teaching community and we would just like to thank you for encouraging your students to take part.


Instrumental Teachers' Sessions


28 JULY - 25 AUGUST: EVERY TUESDAY , 7.30-8.30pm BST

A series of talks and discussions for instrumental teachers designed to provide ideas, support, encouragement and inspiration. We present what and who we believe in, of course, but equally there are so many creative and ingenious methods and ideas regarding how to teach that we have yet to encounter. We cannot possibly know all of you, but we want to!

We don’t believe in protecting our materials or ideas - we believe in sharing for the greater good. If you feel the same and have any single idea you want to share with us and with the world, please send us a video, something written or recorded in any way that suits you. We will work through them and pick the strongest and easiest to share, and credit you loud and proud.

Francis Cummings

Nicola Benedetti

Rachel Cooper

Elena Urioste

Lucy Drever

Su-a Lee

David Munn

Stewart Wilson

Robin Michael

Andrea Gajic

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  • Tutors include Nicola Benedetti, Rachel Cooper, Francis Cummings, Lucy Drever, Elena Urioste, David Munn, Stewart Wilson, Su-a Lee, Andrea Gajic and Robin Michael

  • Participants: Instrumental Teachers – these sessions will mainly focused on string teaching, though many of the concepts will be applicable to all instruments

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Sessions:

  • 28 July: Back to Basics: Teaching Technique with Nicola Benedetti and David Munn

  • 4 August: Embedding Healthy Practice Routines / Engaging with Scales & Studies with Andrea Gajic and Robin Michael 

  • 11 August: Pedagogy of Group Teaching with Francis Cummings and Stewart Wilson

  • 18 August: Developing Healthy Habits (physical & emotional wellbeing) with Elena Urioste and Su-a Lee

  • 25 August: Engaging with Parents & Wider Communities with Rachel Cooper and Lucy Drever


  • Fee: £25 (financial support is available, please indicate on your application form and we will be in touch with you)

  • Closing Date to Apply: FRIDAY 24 JULY 5pm BST 

  • Information will be sent by MONDAY 27 JULY   

Music Student & Recent Graduates' Sessions


3 - 31 AUGUST: EVERY MONDAY, 7.30-8.30pm BST 

A series of talks and discussions for music students (including Sixth Form (and equivalent) and recent graduates) designed to provide support, guidance and inspiration to students

Tom Poster

Nicola Benedetti

Elena Urioste

Lucy Drever

Rachel Cooper

Andrea Gajic

  • Tutors include Nicola Benedetti, Elena Urioste, Tom Poster, Rachel Cooper, Lucy Drever, Andrea Gajic joined by guest tutors throughout the series including Cellist Laura Van der Heijden

  • Participants: Year 12-13 young musicians, Music Students (conservatoire/college/university, undergraduate, post-graduate) & Recent Graduates. Adult participants are welcome to sign up to these workshops

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Session Topics:

  • 3 August: Performance Pressure, Anxiety & Nerves with Nicola Benedetti, Elena Urioste, Tom Poster,               Laura Van der Heijden and Rachel Cooper

  • 10 August: Building a Portfolio Career with Elena Urioste, Tom Poster, Lucy Drever and Guests 

  • 17 August: Developing a Teaching Practice - Key techniques and teaching children (how do we transfer our knowledge of technique into tangible steps for children) with Rachel Cooper and Andrea Gajic

  • 24 August: Interpretation with Nicola Benedetti and Guests

  •  31 August: YOUR Role as Educators with Nicola Benedetti and Guests 

  • Fee: £25 / 10 for undergraduate/postgraduate students with current institution e-mail address (financial support is also available, please indicate on your application form and we will be in touch with you)

  • Closing Date to Apply: FRIDAY 31 JULY 5pm BST

  • Information will be sent by SATURDAY 1 AUGUST 

Building a Kodaly Programme in Primary School


5-26 AUGUST: EVERY WEDNESDAY, 7.30-8.30pm BST 

Karen Geoghegan

Lucinda and Karen Geoghegan, along with guest primary school teachers, take you through all you need to know to get started on understanding how to deliver a Kodaly inspired music education and build a programme for your primary school

Lucinda Geoghegan

NBF QEH 110120 1049.png
  • Tutors: Lucinda & Karen Geoghegan

  • Participants: Anyone who is interested in learning more about Kodaly inspired music education and how to build this into the primary school environment. NO prior musical skills or knowledge are needed. This workshop is ideal for primary classroom teachers professional development, secondary music teachers teaching in primary schools, and anyone responsible for teaching or delivering music lessons in primary settings

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Fee: £20 (financial support is also available, please indicate on your application form and we will be in touch with you). If this training fee will be covered by your employer – please contact us to arrange this: info@benedettifoundation.org

  • Closing Date to Apply: FRIDAY 31 JULY 5pm BST

  • Information will be sent by MONDAY 3 AUGUST 

Adult Learners - Violin Basics


7-28 AUGUST: EVERY FRIDAY, 7.30-8.15pm BST

This short course will take you through some of the fundamentals of violin playing including set up, right hand, bowing basics and left-hand dexterity. The final session will be open for questions from participants.

Alex Laing

Nicola Benedetti

Bob Cairns

Benedetti Sessions 070320 Dundee (264).j
  • Tutors: Nicola Benedetti, Bob Cairns and Alex Laing

  • Participants: Adult learners who are beginner violinists

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Fee: £15 (financial support is also available, please indicate on your application form and we will be in touch with you)

  • Closing Date to Apply: MONDAY 3 AUGUST 5pm BST

  • Information will be sent by WEDNESDAY 5 AUGUST 

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