At the start of 2020, our inaugural year, we hosted our first weekend workshops, the Benedetti Sessions, in Glasgow, London and Dundee. Sadly, lockdown paused our live workshops temporarily, but undeterred, the Benedetti Foundation launched a programme of Virtual Sessions, Mini Sessions and most recently the Global Violin Sessions: A Cultural Exchange.
We are delighted to return with a new blended virtual/live experience in 2021. Each Benedetti Sessions will cater for all playing abilities of school age musicians, and teachers, with workshops for:
  • Beginner String Orchestra (Grade 1-3)

  • Intermediate String Orchestra (Grade 4-6)

  • Advanced String Orchestra (Grade 7+)

  • Instrumental Teachers

  • Classroom Teachers

  • Primary Schools

Tutors and Ambassadors
The Sessions are delivered by Nicola Benedetti and a team of tutors and Ambassadors. Our tutors are extraordinary instrumentalists and teachers and the most wonderful, uplifting, joyous, yet serious people.
Our Ambassadors are drawn from students currently studying, or recently graduated from the UK’s conservatoires. They are exceptional musicians who have a keen interest in education. On the Sessions, the Ambassadors learn from and work alongside our tutors and are an integral part of the educational experience for young musicians of all ages and stages of development.

Please check back soon for more information on the live/blended workshops in 2021


“Nicky and the team were SO inspiring, SO giving of themselves and SO positive about commitment, hard work and freedom to make mistakes, that I think the experience is something she will never forget.”