The Benedetti Sessions

The Benedetti Sessions are 3-day workshops for school age string players, string teachers and primary classes taking place several times a year across the UK.  
They are high energy and high inspiration and by taking part, you will meet and work with some of the greatest music educators.

SCHOOL AGE MUSICIANS: During the sessions, you will explore playing with expression, storytelling, sound production, freedom, improvisation, physical and mental wellbeing and understanding the context of the music, as well as delving into specific technical challenges. You will be encouraged to embrace opposites, to focus and to relax, to be serious and to have fun as we work towards a common goal.

STRING TEACHERS: We come together for a weekend of professional development and making new connections with workshops including back to basics, engaging students with scales, improvisation, physical wellbeing, performance anxiety, lesson planning, group teaching and more! These are delivered by the Sessions tutor team. 

PRIMARY SCHOOL CLASSES: The inspiring and engaging schools’ performance introduces pupils to the fundamentals of making music covering the basics of pulse, rhythm, pitch, and harmony. 

Cardiff Benedetti Sessions - 10 -11 September 2022

Our next Sessions will take place in Cardiff, Wales at Howell's School with activities running for string players and teachers on 10-11 September.

Primary School Workshops will take place at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama on Thursday 20 October. 

This Benedetti Session has workshops for:
  • Beginner String Orchestra (Grade 1-3*)

  • Intermediate String Orchestra (Grade 4-6*)

  • Advanced String Orchestra (Grade 7+*)

  • String Teachers

  • Primary Schools

*approximate playing level – no grades need to have been taken
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“Nicky and the team were SO inspiring, SO giving of themselves and SO positive about commitment, hard work and freedom to make mistakes, that I think the experience is something she will never forget.”