Teaching Primary Music Resources for KS1 and KS2 (Ages 4-11)

A bank of Lessons Plans, Activities and Resources to support KS1 and KS2 Primary Class Teachers


Music and arts ignite the spark of true learning - they tap into something deeper, something that no intervention or booster session can bring out of a pupil. The power of music improves maths, English, behaviour and attitudes to learning. At Feversham primary we have harnessed this force of human nature to bring happiness and academic success to young hearts and minds. Together with the Benedetti foundation, it is our vision and ambition that teachers across the world are supported to use music to transform the lives of children and lay the foundation of a happy, fulfilling and successful life. A life that can transcend the mundane and connect with the sublime.


Naveed Idrees OBE, Headteacher at Feversham Primary Academy, Headteacher of the Year, 2019 TES School Awards


About Teaching Primary Music KS1 and KS2

Teaching Primary Music (KS1 and KS2) was created by Jimmy Rotheram, primary music specialist at Feversham Primary Academy, in Bradford, along with various collaborators and edited and developed by the Benedetti Foundation. It is a resource designed primarily for teachers working in KS1 and KS2 in England. For a full list of contributors, please see the final page of the resource books. 

Created in response to the Covid-19 crisis to support primary classroom teachers, who are non-specialist musicians, bring music into the primary classroom on the return to school, we hope these activities will enable all teachers, teaching assistants, or those responsible for delivering music in the primary setting build their confidence and skills to teach this subject regularly and embed it within the school day. 

The resources are designed to be accessible, easy to use and deliver a high-quality music offer to children despite the current COVID-19 restrictions. The videos have been created so that they lead the activity in the classroom, but once teachers have viewed them a few times and built some confidence they can have a go at leading it themselves.

The resources can be used in whichever way best suits your setting and further resources can be found from all the contributors to these books. 

The Resources

The Teaching Primary Music Package Provides:

  • 6 lesson plans for KS1 ages 4 – 7 and 12 lesson plans for KS2 ages 7-11

  • Books with lesson plans and resources FREE to download here

  • Videos for each activity presented by some of the UK’s top music workshop leaders

  • Training for all - Bespoke training sessions for your organisation available.  Contact us info@benedettifoundation.org for more information

The Benefits of Teaching Primary Music


These resources will help your pupils to:

  • develop confidence and social skills

  • develop an accurate sense of pulse as a group

  • develop an accurate sense of rhythm, from the simple to more complex

  • ensure children understand the concept of pulse/beat

  • develop listening skills

  • explore music of many genres with ACTIVE listening activities embedded throughout

  • develop “thinking voice” or “inner hearing” - the cognitive, internal conceptualisation of music

  • provide a daily, moderate physical work out

  • prepare notation (music reading and writing) skills

  • develop expression and understanding through movement


Download The Books


These books are available to download FREE OF CHARGE


Training Sessions

Bespoke training on Teaching Primary Music is available to all.


Our team will come to your school or network of schools (virtually or in-person) at a time to suit you best.


Please contact us to arrange your own training sessions.