Teaching Primary Music at Home

The fantastic thing about the Teaching Primary School Music resource is that these videos can be done at home as well as in the classroom. By doing these videos you will learn about essential musical tools; pulse, rhythm and tempo.


At the Benedetti Foundation we're lucky enough to work with some of the best workshop leaders; press play and you'll be guided through the activity. Although we want you to learn some useful musical skills, we equally want you to have lots of fun and know that your voice is important!


There are two playlists, Primary School Music at Home 1 (aimed at 4-7 year olds) and Primary School Music at Home 2 (aimed at 7-11 year olds). It's up to you whether you do all the videos or just a couple of them... and remember, repetition is the best way to learn.


We'll release another playlist in a couple of weeks.


From all of us at the Benedetti Foundation, we hope you enjoy them!

At Home Playlists