Welcome to the Benedetti Sessions! We are so delighted this application page has found its way into your precious hands.
I have loved music and the violin since I was 4 years old. Nothing could stop me from wanting to play, but each time I experienced a mass-collective musical experience it deepened and strengthened my enjoyment and commitment to music.
There are no limits to your learning possibilities through music. You just have to be curious and open-minded enough to notice that this language is as rich as life itself, and we aspire to exposing this to you. 
Our Sessions are designed for you. We want you to absorb as much as possible. We want you to leave any worries or nerves at the door. We want you to be relaxed yet focused, intense yet calm. I guarantee you, this environment will be welcoming, exciting and high energy.
Our sole intention is to inspire you. In order for us all to gain the most from the workshop, we will require a commitment from you to prepare well. Regardless of your level, we want every one of you to realise that to be good at something and therefore experience more enjoyment,(trust me!), it takes consistent and intelligent work. It doesn't happen on its own.
By signing up for our workshops, you are also signing up to daily preparation. It doesn't have to take long, the consistency is key. We will support and guide you all the way through this process, via our online video series 'With Nicky' and through supporting your leaning environment. 
We can’t wait to receive your application and meet you at a Benedetti Sessions near you soon
A Note from Nicky