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Nicky's Challenges 

Can you complete Nicky's challenges? The first of the challenges are to get to know the piece and get creative.

Each week, Nicky and friends will set three challenges designed to help you develop your playing by ear,  your rhythm and your improvisation skills. Challenge time on Saturday's live sessions will be linked to these videos. 

Let's Get Started 


Name the Tune Challenge

Wynton Marsalis has written the notes of our tune, and he's written the harmony of our tune, but he hasn't written the name of the tune! 



Can you come up with the name for our tune? Listen to it, hum it, sing it, play it - what comes to mind? 

Follow these instructions to submit your entry: 


Create a name (one entry per person please) 

Send an email to


  • Participant's Name 

  • Age (if under 18)

  • Parent's/Carer's Name (if under 18) 

  • Your Title for the piece

The Deadline is Monday 7 December 

We will reveal the winning name in the performance on 13 December 

Sing, Sing, Sing Challenge

Can you sing the tune or even just a little bit?  



If you feel you can, please send us your video. We would love to hear it.

Follow these instructions to share your singing with us:

  • Please save the video with your name and the words "Sing, Sing, Sing" as the title 

  • Share with us on social media - tag the Benedetti Foundation and use #benedettisessions #globalviolin 

  • Send it by Monday 7th December 

Design an Explorer Challenge

We're going off on an adventure and we've made our own explorer - here she is! 

Nicky Violin png.png


Can you design your own explorer? You can create them however you want and you can make the explorer go anywhere! Remember we'll be visiting many countries over the global sessions. We'll try and include lots of the explorers in the final concert. 


You could show us:

  • what your explorer finds and sees

  • what food they have 

  • all the different sights, sounds and colours they pick up on their journey 

Follow these instructions to share your explorer

  • Please save the file with your name and the word Explorer as the title 

  • Share with us on social media - tag the Benedetti Foundation and use #benedettisessions #globalviolin 

  • Send it by Monday 7th December