November 2019: Your Life is Your Education: Nicola Benedetti speech for the Royal Philharmonic Society 

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September 2019: Benedetti Sessions Announcement

The Benedetti Foundation (proposed charity name), will focus on providing enrichment, inspiration and variation to the UK’s education system and communities and will carry out a series of orchestra-based weekend workshops – the Benedetti Sessions - designed to address, in equal part, the needs of young musicians and of teachers.


The first Benedetti Sessions will take place in Glasgow from 3-6 January 2020 followed by London from 10-12 January. Throughout the first year there will be a total of six Benedetti Sessions in London, Dundee, Northern Ireland, Manchester and Saffron Walden. Plus many more singular events and day sessions throughout the year and across the world


October 2019: Benedetti Foundation Granted Charitable Status 


We are thrilled to announce the Benedetti Foundation has been granted charitable status by the
Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator