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There will be three different sessions for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced String Players. These sessions are for school age players and will be delivered live on Zoom.

We will be hosting a separate set of sessions for over 18s to be announced in early January.

Dates and Times

Beginner Strings (pre Grade 1-3) – Saturday 16 January between 1-4.30pm GMT

Intermediate Strings (approx. Grade 3-5) – Sunday 17 January between 1-4.30pm GMT

Advanced Strings (approx. Grade 6+) – Saturday 16 January 1-5pm and Sunday 17 January 1- 4.30pm GMT

For young people who attend Saturday school / Junior conservatoire, we are able to arrange catch up recordings if you are unable to attend all sessions.

Please click the boxes to read about and register for the sessions.

We look forward to seeing you in January!

The New Year Sessions