Advanced Vibrato (Higher Positions & Double Stops) for Upper Strings

Monday 5 and 12 October

7-8pm BST


Beginner String Players

Saturday 10 September 9.30am - 5pm

Repetoire: Paganini 24, arr. The Ayoub Sisters for mass orchestra

Amities by Joelle Broad 

Join Nicola Benedetti and our incredible team of tutors to prepare, rehearse and perform together. 


During these sessions, we will be approaching music in a way that inspires fun and enjoyment, a greater sense of togetherness, a true abandonment of caution, and an embracing of scratches, scrapes as well as connecting to creativity, to dance, rhythm and improvisation. Each orchestra will work separately, and we will come together for one mass piece. 

Before the Summer holidays, you will receive the music and tutorial videos from our Tutors to help you prepare. A creative activity is shared in advance to encourage you to immerse yourselves in the story of the music during the preparation period. 


On the day, we explore expression, storytelling, sound production, freedom in playing, the context of the music and improvisation, as well as delving into specific technical challenges.  

The day ends with a short performance which will be recorded and shared with families. 

A two-part series focusing on developing vibrato for advanced violinists & violists. A follow on to the July vibrato session, but equally as accessible to new participants, these sessions will allow you to extend your vibrato skills in the higher positions and with double stops and to explore the different colours and textures which can be achieved for different characters. This is recommended for advanced players

Benedetti Sessions 070320 Dundee (322).j

Participation Fee (Total): £10

Full bursary support is available - please select the box on the registration form.

Please Note: Participants in the sessions are expected to have prepared their parts before the day. This will allow us to better focus our time together on larger objectives like storytelling, sound production, freedom in playing.