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Welcome to Week Two of the Global Violin Sessions. This week we've travelled over to Hungary where we will meet Geza Hosszu-Legocky and the 5  DeViLs and Roby Lakatos. 

The materials on this page are designed to help you prepare for the live weekend ahead. Please use the tutorial videos, the play along backing tracks and videos to help you to familiarise yourselves with these arrangements ready to work together. 

This week we have more opportunities for improvisation - more info coming soon. 

We would love you to try to play by ear as much as you can. Try to listen carefully, to respond to and experiment with interpreting the style you hear and see in these materials.

Please download the parts for Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced to help you prepare. 

For Advanced players, there is also a Challenge part. 


See you in Hungary! 

Welcome to Hungary from Nicky


Geza Hosszu-Legocky

These materials will help you prepare for Geza's Sessions.

Introducing Geza Hosszu-Legocky

Geza's Arrangement

Let's get started by listening to this full arrangement to familiarise yourself with the tune and structure before we get started! 


Don't worry, we are breaking these sections up into different parts for different groups, so first all you need to do is listen to the rhythms, the harmonies and get familiar with the language, and most of all enjoy it! 

Geza's arrangement is split into 4 sections - click on the title to take you to the material for each part  

We will be exploring each of these sections this week, starting with Swingara 













Opening Improvisation 


Intermediate and Advanced


Ending Groove 


Roby Lakatos

Roby Lakatos

Introducing Roby Lakatos

Roby's Arrangement 


Here are some tutorial videos from Roby to help you understand some of the styles and techniques he uses in his arrangement. There is no sheet music for this arrangement. Roby will be working with us on style and technique live this weekend.