Get Creative with Nicky and Lucy

Create a Music Video with Nicky and Lucy 

Music can conjure up the most vivid and vibrant pictures in our imagination. It tells the most fantastic stories and can take the listener, or player, on the most brilliant journey.


That's why we want you to create something that was inspired from listening to Chanson de Nuit...


Listen to Chanson de Nuit

Allow your imagination to wander! What characters can you see, if any? What are they wearing? What time of day is it? What is happening?


Watch Nicky and Lucy's Instagram Live 

You'll find more storytelling inspiration here!


Creating a response

Once you've decided what you feel the story of Chanson de Nuit is then it's time to get creative! Whether you love drawing, painting, creative writing, film-making, or a mixture of all of them, now it's time to tell the story. Be as imaginative as you can, and keep on listening to the piece for inspiration.


Send It!

We would love to put together a music video that shows off the winning entries. Send whatever you make into or tag us on #chansonchallenge. We can't wait to see what you were inspired to make!

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