Please read through the information on the individual workshops and check our FAQs

If you still have a question, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by email – and one of our team will get back to you.


I’m not receiving emails from the Foundation, what should I do?

We will write to you by the date specified on the sign up for each course with the workshop and Zoom information. If you have not received this by the end of that day, please contact and let us know.

Please check your junk mail folder as some mail servers will send this email there.

We receive a lot of emails, so if you could please specify the participant name, workshop and instrument in your subject heading or body of the email that will help us to help you as quickly as possible.

If I can attend only part of the workshop, can I pay only part of the admin fee?

Unfortunately not. By signing up to the workshop, you are committing to attend the all the sessions. If you miss a session, this is of course at your own discretion.

Will the Sessions be available as catch up links?

These Sessions will all be delivered live and we hope all participants attend all sessions they can. International participants in time zones where it is impossible to attend live can receive all catch up links by registering on the Sessions. Catch up links will be sent to all registered participants on a sessions normally the following day so they can be watched back. Generally, these remain available for 2 weeks after the final session. The Chamber Music Weekend is being delivered live and links will ONLY be available to international participants who have indicated on their sign up form. Special circumstances for UK based and European based participants will always be considered.

I can’t access the sessions because of my time zone. Can I receive links to watch afterwards?

Yes, if you are living in a time zone that would make it difficult to access the sessions live, please register as a participant and you will receive catch up links the following day.

Will there be more workshops? My instrument, age or stage is not covered.

Yes – new sets of workshops are announced regularly.

I’ve missed the closing date, can I still apply?

Once the workshop has begun, we will not be able to add late applicants as these sessions are progressive and it is important participants are a part of the sessions from the first day. All workshops will close a few before the first session. Please check closing dates carefully.

Can Adults register to join the children’s workshops?

For safeguarding reasons because sessions are delivered via Zoom, we have decided to keep adult and children’s workshops separate. We will be delivering more workshops for Adults in the coming months.

I’m a parent, can I sit with my child on the sessions?

In some cases, this is an excellent idea and will enable you to help with practice at home. Please could we ask adults who are in the room with the children to avoid being on the camera as far as possible during the session, but please, please do help your children if they are struggling. We believe your involvement is incredibly important so please do feel free to sit and listen.

My child’s a bit nervous of online group Zoom sessions – what will they be like?

Mostly, your child will only see the tutor on the screen and our Tutor and Ambassadors will be able to see all your children. You do have the option to keep the camera off, but we would encourage you to switch it on so we can help as much as possible. The camera is automatically off when you log on, so you have to switch it on. All participants remain on mute mostly – we normally take mute off of everyone at the end so they can all say bye to each other! Sometimes the tutor will ask for demonstrations or answers to questions. Children volunteer to do this and to be on the screen, so if your child doesn’t want to speak or to be seen by the others, there is no requirement for them to do so. It’s a bit like an individual lesson within a group setting.