Instrumental Teachers

Dates and Times for Scotland's Sessions in February 2021 will be published in early January. 

Advanced Vibrato (Higher Positions & Double Stops) for Upper Strings

Monday 5 and 12 October

7-8pm BST

A two-part series focusing on developing vibrato for advanced violinists & violists. A follow on to the July vibrato session, but equally as accessible to new participants, these sessions will allow you to extend your vibrato skills in the higher positions and with double stops and to explore the different colours and textures which can be achieved for different characters. This is recommended for advanced players

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This day is dedicated to instrumental teachers. Throughout the day there will be five sessions on:

  • Teaching Basics with Nicola Benedetti

  • Group Teaching with David Munn

  • Ensemble and Conducting Skills with Alex Laing

  • Performance Anxiety and Nerves with Rachel Cooper

  • Creativity and Story Telling with Lucy Drever


These will be in 5 1-hour sessions with breaks in between for off-screen time. Teachers of all instruments are welcome to join the sessions.

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Rachel Cooper

Nicola Benedetti

Alex Laing

Lucy Drever

David Munn

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  • Tutor: Nicola Benedetti, David Munn, Alex Laing, Rachel Cooper, Lucy Drever

  • Participants: Open to all instrumental teachers

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Registration Fee: £10 (full financial support is available – please indicate on sign up)