Saturday 30th May 
Welcome to our Final Celebration
Rhythm Warm Up with Elsa Bradley
Virtual Sessions Quiz with Rachel Cooper
Take an Intermission
Nicola Benedetti performs Paganini’s Caprice No. 1
Paganini Caprice No. 24 | Advice from The Greats
Paganini | Caprice No. 24: The first ever performance of the piece by 12 virtuoso violinists from across the world
Sister Sister: Gethin Jones interviews Nicky and Steph Benedetti
The Benedetti Sisters Duet: Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite
Intermediate Lower Strings with David Munn
Intermediate Upper Strings with Alex Laing
Advanced Lower Strings with Alice Kent
Advanced Upper Strings with Nicky Benedetti
Panel Discussion hosted by Lucy Drever
Morning sing along with Lucy Drever
Family music making activities with Lucinda Geoghegan
Improvisation jam session with Richard Michael
Your Life is Your Education
Patrick’s Paganini Percussion Party
Performance Anxiety | A Discussion
Creative Process: Nicola Benedetti chats with Karina Canellakis
Play Along With Us (Beginners and Intermediates)
Play Along With Us (Advanced) and Pre-Concert Chat
Celebration Concert : The Grand Finale