Advanced Vibrato (Higher Positions & Double Stops) for Upper Strings

Monday 5 and 12 October

7-8pm BST


Beginner String Players

Sunday 26 September

9.30am-4.30pm (approximate times)

Join Nicola Benedetti, an array of Baroque specialists and our incredible team of tutors to prepare, rehearse and perform our multi-level arrangement of La Folia. Prior to the day, the tutors will teach you, through a video tutorial, how to prepare your part. On the day, we will be focusing on understanding the music, discovering more about the baroque style, how to play as an ensemble, rhythm, storytelling, improvisation, and having lots of fun.

Your sessions will be interspersed with quizzes, creative tasks and wellbeing activities. We will spend some time working together as a beginner orchestra before joining with the Intermediate and Advanced players for a mass performance.

The day ends with a performance all together. Currently, we hope parents/carers will be able to join us for this part of the day (please note spaces will be restricted to 1 or 2 seats per family to be confirmed in September). Due to limited capacities, we aim to record the final performance to share with participants.

A two-part series focusing on developing vibrato for advanced violinists & violists. A follow on to the July vibrato session, but equally as accessible to new participants, these sessions will allow you to extend your vibrato skills in the higher positions and with double stops and to explore the different colours and textures which can be achieved for different characters. This is recommended for advanced players

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Registration Fee: £10 - full bursary support is available. Please select the box on the registration form.

Please Note: Participants in the sessions are expected to have prepared their parts before the weekend. This will allow us to better focus our time together on larger objectives like storytelling, sound production, freedom in playing.