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From 5 - 25 July 2021
Final Concert Premiere: Sunday 1 August

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Baroque music celebrates and embodies dance, community, and improvisation and expresses joyousness and drama in equal measures.

Although there are certain Baroque favourites we tend to play when we start to learn our instruments, there is so much to discover from the energetic and revolutionary advancements in Baroque interpretation.

Throughout these Sessions, we will be approaching this music in a way that inspires fun and enjoyment, a greater sense of togetherness, a true abandonment of caution, and an embracing of scratches, scrapes and unapologetic flair, as well as connecting to dance and rhythm, to harmony, bass, and improvisation.


La Folia – Tutorials and Multi-Track Recording

We will be exploring a new multi-level arrangement of La Folia by Corelli arr. Geminiani put together for us by the wonderful multi-instrumentalists, Laura and Sarah Ayoub.


There will be weekly live tutorials and pre-recorded lessons for string players of all ages and stages from Nicola Benedetti, the Foundation’s tutors and specialist guest baroque musicians to help you learn the new arrangement of La Folia.


Conservatoire students (and those beginning at conservatoire in September 2021) and professional players will be working on the original Corelli’s La Folia arr. Geminiani in live sessions, again working with baroque specialists throughout.


All participants will be invited to send in a recording of them performing the part to be included in two music videos which will be premiered as part of the final concert at the end of the sessions on Sunday 1 August.


Discovery Video Series

We will delve into the fundamental elements of Baroque music by honing-in on bitesize examples that demonstrate different features of the music. These videos, recorded by Nicola Benedetti and David Watkin will demonstrate examples of:

  • Expression - the joy, beauty, energy, drama and fire of the music

  • Interplay - the question and answer and the conversation between bass and treble

  • Map - how the music is generally structured

  • Virtuosity​

These short films will be released throughout the sessions

As participants in these sessions, you will have access to behind the scenes exclusives into the world of baroque performance and preparation with Nicola and the Benedetti Baroque Orchestra.

You will also have the opportunity to take part in an exclusive master class from renowned Baroque violinist, Rachel Podger. 



We will illustrate the improvisatory element of baroque music across the three weeks in focused improvisation sessions led by specialist baroque musicians.


We will be working with young, innovative dancers led by Imogen Alvares to explore and embody rhythm, expression and a deeper connection to our physicality.


There will be some live streamed performance moments across the three weeks.

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The Final Performance

The sessions will culminate in a performance of the two La Folia arrangements, all recorded and produced remotely in the style of a concert bringing together all we have learnt. This will be premiered on Sunday 1 August.

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There are two routes through these Virtual Sessions

  • String Players – open to any age and all levels of playing from introductory to conservatoire / professional level.

  • Open to All – the Saturday sessions which focus on baroque fundamentals, discovery of baroque instruments and styles, improvisation, dance and historical context are open to all – any age, whether you play an instrument or not

String Players will be able to access all levels of parts and can move freely between groups. At the end of week 2, we will invite those who wish to, to record and submit your chosen part for the final performance video.


We would advise those of you who are fortunate enough to have teachers to please consult with them where possible

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ALL sessions will be recorded for those who are unable to attend live, and to watch back to support practice between sessions. All participants will be able to access the recordings.

Our Lead Ambassadors will be running ‘drop in’ practice sessions on the multi-level parts to support learning throughout the sessions. A schedule of dates, times and which parts will be covered will be sent to all registered participants with the pack.

All Times Given in BST (GMT+1)



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Wednesday 7 and 14 July 

6 - 6.45 pm Introductory & Beginner Level

(Open Strings - Grade 1 & Approx. Grade 2-3)

7.15 - 8 pm Intermediate Level

(Approx. Grade 4-6)

Thursday 8 and 15 July 

6 - 6.45 pm Advanced Level

(Approx. Grade 7+)

Wednesday 21 July 

7 - 8 pm ALL Adult Learners


Conservatoire Students and Professional Musicians

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Thursday 8, 15 and 22 July 

7 - 8 pm All Conservatoire Students and Professional Muscians


Young People (School Age 18 and under)

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Sunday 11 and 18 July 

3 - 3.40 pm Introductory Level

(Open Strings - Grade 1)

4 - 4.40 pm Beginner Level

(Approx. Grade 2-3)

5.15 - 6 pm Intermediate Level

(Approx. Grade 4-6)

6.30 - 7.15 pm Advanced Level

(Approx. Grade 7+)

Sunday 25 July 

3 - 3.45 pm Introductory and Beginner Level

(Open Strings - Grade 1 & Approx. Grade 2-3)

5.15 - 6 pm Intermediate and Advanced Level

(Approx. Grade 4-6 & Approx. Grade 7+)


Open To All - Young People Live on Zoom, Adult Participants on Live Stream

Saturday 10, 17 and 24 July 

Between 3 - 6.45 pm (UK Time), these will be short sessions covering topics including:

  • Improvisation

  • Performance

  • Introducing Baroque Instruments

  • Baroque Fundamentals

  • Dance

Sunday 1 August 

Final Celebration Concert Premiere

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There is no set fee to take part in these sessions. Instead, we ask you to donate what you can – a donation of £30 would cover the cost of a place for one person on the 3-week sessions. Thank you for your support.

By registering, you will gain access to all the Zoom sessions, and exclusive content.

Register by Friday 2 July to access all the content from Day 1 on Monday 5 July.

Registration remains open throughout.


Throughout the Sessions, you will be working with a team of internationally acclaimed baroque performers and teachers, our team of tutors and a group of innovative, freelance dancers, as well as our Lead Ambassadors and new Ambassador teams.


Luise Buchberger, Cello


Maggie Faultless, Violin

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Becky Jones, Viola

Robin Michael, Cello

Kati Debretzeni, Violin


Michael Gurevich, Violin


Liz Kenny, Lute


Nikta Naumov, Double Bass

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David Watkin, Cello

Thomas Dunford, Lute

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Clifton Harrison, Viola

sarah mcmahon.png

Sarah McMahon, Cello

Guest Baroque Specialists will Include

Rachel Podger, Violin


Our Tutors

To find out more about our Tutors, please visit the Tutors page. 

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Jenny Lewisohn


Rachel Cooper


Meghan Cassidy


Andrea Gajic


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David Munn


Rozzie Curlett


Su-a Lee


Rosalind Ventris


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Imogen Alvares


Alice Kent

Double Bass

Claire Whitson

Double Bass

Stewart Wilson

Double Bass

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We will host a final event on Sunday 1 August when we will join together to watch the premiere of our celebration concert. More information about this will be sent to registered participants during the sessions.