Join the Benedetti Foundation After School Sessions on Facebook Live on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-4.30pm BST, or catch up here afterwards.

Songs and Games with Lucy Drever - Activities for the young (and not so young!) musician

Singing Games with Cups and Sticks with Lucinda Geoghegan - you’ll need a pair of sticks and a pair of plastic cups for this session 

Groove ‘n’ Move! with Elsa Bradley - we’ll be moving to the beat and groovin’ with some body beats. All you need is yourself and lots of energy!

Learn about the Blues with Wynton Marsalis - internationally acclaimed trumpeter, composer, bandleader and educator and the Managing and Artistic Director of Jazz at Lincoln Centre 


Behind the Scenes of Composition with Mark Simpson as we learn about the creative process of a composer 

Creative producer and workshop leader, Lucy Drever and the Magical Violin, return with some songs and stories taking you on a musical adventure


‘The P word’ with David Munn...Practise! A discussion on what and how you should practise in order to make the best of your time.

Bow Bonanza with Rachel Cooper - Beginner upper strings this is for you (and anyone else who would like some more ideas!) - Tips to establish a good bow hold and develop a beautiful tone 

“The Magic Soundabout” with double bassist Alice Kent. In this session, we focus on creating our own magical sounds on our instruments and producing wondrous potions to enchant all our listeners.


Learn about Bluegrass with world renowned violin virtuoso and spectacular fiddler, Tessa Lark. We will be learning a fiddle tune and talking about improvising and style in different types of music.

Violinist, conductor and teacher Suzie Collier presents her unique approach to playing and thinking about music - a fresh musical mindset

Chamber Music: Duo Partnership with Elena Urioste and Tom Poster


Join Elena Urioste, violinist, yogi, BF Tutor and Founder of Intermission, a program that unites body, mind, breath, and music-making through yoga and meditation, to breathe and stretch together. Take 40 minutes of calm in your day.