Advanced String Players

Dates and Times for Scotland's Sessions in February 2021 will be published in early January. 

Advanced Vibrato (Higher Positions & Double Stops) for Upper Strings

Monday 5 and 12 October

7-8pm BST

A two-part series focusing on developing vibrato for advanced violinists & violists. A follow on to the July vibrato session, but equally as accessible to new participants, these sessions will allow you to extend your vibrato skills in the higher positions and with double stops and to explore the different colours and textures which can be achieved for different characters. This is recommended for advanced players

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Join our incredible team of tutors on the weekend of 9 and 10 January to explore and discover, prepare and perform Elgar’s iconic Introduction and Allegro. Filmed using 360 cameras, you will experience total immersion in Elgar’s music.


Before the weekend, you will receive a tutorial video from our tutors to help you prepare your part. On the weekend, we will be exploring, ‘what is chamber music?’, rehearsal and ensemble skills, rehearsal relationships, the story of the music, improvisation, harmony, interpretation as well as spending time in our individual sections to delve into specific technical challenges.  

Jenny Lewisohn

Andrea Gajic

Elena Urioste

Su-a Lee

Alice Kent

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  • Tutor: Andrea Gajic (violin), Elena Urioste (violin), Jenny Lewisohn (viola), Su-a Lee (cello), Alice Kent (double bass)

  • Participants: The Advanced Orchestra experience is designed for those working from Grade 7 level upwards. This is just a guide, please click on the sample part to decide if this is the right level for you.

  • Repertoire: Introduction and Allegro – Elgar

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Registration Fee: £15 (full financial support is available – please indicate on sign up) 

Sample Score

To see the sample scores, please click on the piece of music. You can use these scores to help you decide which level is right for you. Please don't worry if you start to prepare and then want to change your mind - just write to us and we can swap you over. If you are able to talk to your teacher about this, please do before signing up. If you're unsure and without access to your teacher, please feel free to get in touch with us. 

This piece has a Quartet and a Tutti part. We will be looking at the Tutti parts this weekend. 

Violinists can self-select Violin 1 or Violin 2