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Adult Learners Mini Sessions


Welcome to our Mini Sessions for Adult Learners. These sessions are now open for registration

For further sessions that may be of interest, please visit the instrumental teachers and students’ pages.

These Sessions are live on Zoom and will be available to all registered participants for 3 months after the final session to catch up.


If you register after the sessions have started, please check your confirmation email for Zoom links and catch-up recordings.

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String Chamber Music Sessions for Adult Learners

Sunday 4 September

2-5pm UK Time


Join together with a community of string players as we explore the Finale Movement 4 (The

Dargason) from St. Paul’s Suite by Gustav Holst.

During the sessions, we'll be

  • discovering the context of the music

  • delving into instrument specific techniques in sectionals

  • developing our sound 

  • working as a full group learning the repertoire through the eyes of the different parts

We will also have a play-along and time to explore improvisation.

Parts and supporting tutorial videos will be shared in advance to support with preparation. Please

check your confirmation email after signing up for the links.

Recordings of the sessions will be available for those who would like to take part but are unable to

attend live.

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Tutors: Alex Laing (violin), Andrea Gajic (violin), Clifton Harrison (viola), Rozzie Curlett (cello) and
Claire Whitson (double bass)

Participants: Adult String Players – the repertoire is best suited to Intermediate & Advanced level
players, but anyone is welcome to join in and give it a go.

Registration Fee: £15 – Full Bursaries available, please tick the box on registration

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Upper Strings Technique Booster

Wednesdays 11, 18, 25 May and 1 June

7.30-8.30pm UK Time 

Adult Violin and Viola players are invited to join violinists and educators Andrea Gajic and Alex Laing for a 4-part technique refresher and booster.

Across 4 weeks, we will focus on:

Session 1: Left Hand Reset including intonation, thumbs, fourth fingers and more!

Session 2: Developing Vibrato

Session 3: Right Hand Reset and Bowing Refresh

Session 4: Developing Shifting

Sessions 1 & 2 will be led by Alex Laing and Sessions 3 & 4 by Andrea Gajic

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Tutors: Alex Laing and Andrea Gajic 

Participants: These sessions would be best suited for intermediate players looking to extend their technique and advanced players who would like a refresher.

Registration Fee: £24 - full bursaries available (please tick the box on the registration form)